All About Planks

Working out my abs has to be one of my favorite areas (besides legs) to get some gains. I love squeezing and feeling the burn, and nothing gets my abs burning like planks! Planks challenge the entire core and there are many variations you can do to target specific ab muscles like the obliques.


To perform a standard plank, all you need to do is to get into a push up position, making sure your weight is over your shoulders. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds, squeezing your abs, quads, and glutes right before you release the pose. As you build your core strength you will be able to hold the pose for longer

A bit easier than the standard plank is the forearm plank, which works out the entire core while getting some shoulder work in there too. To do a forearm plank, simply place your forearms on the ground (you can either lay your palms flat or fold your hands together). Lift your body off the ground, keeping your weight over your shoulders, squeezing your abs, quads, and glutes.

Sports woman doing plank exercise

Forearm Plank

Side planks really work your obliques. You can either do these with a fully extended arm, like a regular plank or on your forearms. From a standard plank or a forearm plank position, twist over to your side. Squeeze your side (obliques) to lift your hips high into the air. Hold position for at least 30 seconds before releasing the pose. Repeat on the other side.


For something a little more challenging try these single legged plank holds. These are one of my favorite plank positions! I tried it a couple weeks ago and fell in love. Start with a standard plank and lift your left leg off the floor, twisting to the left side. Hold position for 5 seconds, then switch to the other side and hold for 5 seconds. Keep alternating until failure! I promise you will feel the burn with this one.


I hope you guys have fun with these planks. Let me know what other ab exercises you would like to see!

Remember: If its not burnin’ its not workin’


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