My Journey From Skinny to Fit


The first picture was taken when I was 17 years old and the second was taken recently, at 23 years old. It didn’t take me six years of exercise to get to where I am today, but it definitely was a journey for me.

I came from an unhealthy relationship and background with food and exercise. In high school I struggled with eating disorders and my body image, abusing exercise as a way to stay as skinny as possible. I thought the skinnier the better and would do anything to be as small as possible. My senior year in high-school however, my weight became drastically low, low enough to scare me out of my desire to be skinny.

I was a compulsive exerciser and under-eater, but I knew I had to try to start gaining weight. Not knowing what to do I forced myself to stop exercising and to start eating junk and fatty foods. I did gain weight, but I was very unhealthy. My thighs were jiggly, I was getting cellulite, and my muffin top was on the rise. I didn’t want to be super skinny, but I wasn’t happy with my body either.

There had to be a balance. When I was 21 I started exercising a bit again and tried to be more active. I was still eating junk food, so I wasn’t seeing much results. My frame was still small and I was never over weight, but I was really out of shape and knew I needed a change.

Eventually I started going to the gym and trying to come up with a regimen, following workouts from Nike Training Club and running on the treadmill. I started to see a little change, but not the amount that I wanted, so I started my research. Youtube, articles, fitness books, magazines, etc became my avenues for information and I realized I was missing the most important part, my diet.

I finally decided to eat clean and change the way I eat and I started seeing results, like actual results. I started to lose the fat and put on muscle. My thighs were firming up and the numbers on the scale were increasing and I loved it!

I kept working hard, and researching and eventually got to where I am today. It’s totally possible to overcome your obstacles and build a healthy relationship with exercise and food. Its amazing to finally live without fear of calories and weight gain and to do something I love.



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