Three Ingredient Chilli

So as a college student I’m always looking for ways to have quick, healthy, a wallet friendly meals. Ever since I was a kid my mom would make us chili and crackers. I know things are better when you make them from scratch, but when I’m rushing from work to class, or class to work, or from work to the gym, I need something that’s yummy, healthy and fast. Hence, a simple delicious three ingredient turkey chili.


  • 1/2 cup brown rice
  • 1 can Dennison’s Turkey Chili with Beans
  • Sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese
  • Whole grain, wheat or multi-grain crackers


This is a super simple chili to make, and with replacing the usual white rice with brown rice, we get a boost of nutrients, healthy carbs, fiber, and protein that is absent in white rice. First we need to cook the rice, which takes about 20 minutes if you make it from scratch. To make it combine 1 cup brown rice, 2 cups of water,  pinch of salt (I use Himalayan pink salt) and a tsp of oil (olive or coconut work great!). Bring ingredients to a boil, then reduce heat, cover, and let simmer for 20 minutes until all the water is cooked out.

While that is cooking, you can multitask, put the finishing touches on that essay, tidy up a bit, do some planks or squats. Then in the last 5 minutes of the rice’s cooking time, open the can of chili and put it in a sauce pan. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, just enough to heat the chili and thicken.

Chili Tip: I like my chili thick, but if you like it with more juice, just add a bit of water to the pan and stir while you are heating it up.

Last, grab a bowl, spoon in some rice, top with the chili and sprinkle on a little bit of cheese (or if you’re like me, a lot a bit of cheese ^_^). Grab some delicious crackers and you have a quick, budget friendly meal. With the rice adding 5g of protein to the chili which is already packed with 19g of protein, it makes this the perfect post workout meal that you can make during your workouts if they are at home, or in advance and have it prepared for when you get home, starving from the gym.


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